Slovní hodnocení od speciálního hosta poroty – Kevina Flanagana

Novinka je ze dne: 26. duben 2017

Slovní hodnocení od speciálního hosta poroty – Kevina Flanagana

Představujeme Vám slovní hodnocení speciálního hosta letošní poroty ankety Dřevěná stavba roku 2017– architekta Kevina Flanagana, který vytvořil slavný návrh dřevěného mrakodrapu.

Toto slovní hodnocení má výjimečnou atmosféru díky jeho neotřelému a uměleckému pohledu. Proto jsme se rozhodli Vám ho nabídnout v originálním znění. Slova pana Flanagana jsou uměleckým dílem sama o sobě. Věříme, že pro Vás bude jeho názor obohacující.

 Pan Flanagan hodnotil jednotlivé soutěžní kategorie a níže odpověděl i na několik otázek.


Slovní hodnocení kategorií:

Timber Construction – Designs (Dřevěné konstrukce – návrhy)

Many of the designs take as their inspiration the notion of patterns growth, as found in nature, which are captured in the poetics of elemental lengths of timber.

Often these are openwork concepts whose members are light in appearance and affording a play of natural sunlight across their respective surfaces. Much thought has gone into the elegant joinery detailing.


Timber Construction – Realizations (Dřevěné konstrukce – realizace)

All exhibit a confident and assured knowledge of the contemporary use of) timber, in a striking variety of applications;  a grand reconstruction, a viewing stand, a bridge, an open grid shell, houses, art, the spirit of a zeppelin, and grand living arbours of green.

In all of these examples timber is the essential ingredient creating a sense of warmth and welcome.


Modern Timber Houses – Designs (Moderní dřevostavby – návrhy)

All are more domestic in scale, many offer grand open picture windows allowing light in. From the delicately detailed children‘s day school, to homes nestled deeply into a rolling landscape, all touch the ground with a lightness and elegance that suggests a new relationship between man, his home, and the nature surrounding. A joy to see these realised in the future.


Modern Timber Houses – Realizations (Moderní dřevostavby – realizace)

Again a more domestic in scale, that realize some of the beauty that can be expressed through the use of timber when created externally, as facade panels or solar screens. The resulting buildings appear as both robust and also light, nestling into their respective natural landscape settings.


Log Houses – Realizations (Roubenky a sruby – realizace)

There is something wonderful and relaxing about spending time in a rough hewn log cabin. An often honey coloured surrounding where the distant city cannot reach and in silence one’s idle time can be spent in deeper thoughts under the stars. The informal character of large timber members cut down and assembled from the surrounding woodlands easily convey humanity and nature in a better balance.


Timber Interiors – Realizations (Dřevěné interiéry – realizace)

Timber when used in the interior is associated with nature, and it has been suggested, calms one and provides the mind a moment of reflection. Wood and timber interiors suggest warmth and welcoming, often in softened forms and in rich colours and textures.


   1. Which category did you like the most. Why?

Category Timber Construction – Designs (Dřevěné konstrukce – návrhy), seems most intriguing because of the range, variation, and thoughtfulness of the proposals.It was the most playful and experimental, and therefore pleasing. It is easier to express nascent ideas in concepts.

   2. Which category did you like the least. Why?

Category Modern Timber Houses – Realizations (Moderní dřevostavby – realizace). In some cases a little less overwhelming, though again some examples were indeed investigating and taking risks to express timber as the source inspiration. I hope that in the future a greater variation in built proposal may be evident; as the industry slowly becomes better accustomed to the potentials of say CLT – cross laminated timber, one should expect a divergence and an optimised method of construction best suited to the material.

   3. Whatsurprised you?

The variation and eclectic expression of the work in timber; evidently exciting the imagination with creative possibilities.

   4. Do these timber buildings and construction “go with the times” in your opinion?

Each individual expresses a particular vision in choosing a timber; as a natural material timber has depth and character that suggests a greater richness of meaning.

   5. How should the timber buildings and construction move forward in your opinion?

Timber, particularly CLT – cross laminated timber, is only in the earliest stages of adoption as a building material, it holds the potential of great promise being wholly renewable and naturally sequestering CO2.

   6. Do you see any benefits of using timber?

As an architect, it is certainly a fascination to consider generative, component based design that could be created easily and built effectively by means of man and machine working in tandem. The future of residential construction one can imagine may be trend setting in timber.

   7. Do you see any difference between Czech and British timber construction?

Yes, broadly I see a greater interest in timber as associated with the native arts and crafts. The timber is not simply “working” as a structural element but the choice to use the material seems be intrinsic to the notion that timber is derived from a once living thing. It seems as an observer that Timber is considered “special”. There is also faintly seems to be an emotional content, a greater empathy, in the range of individual visions.

The designs seem more approachable in their confident individual expression, and to my mind more easily accessible and welcoming. The variation in vision that is seen I suspect is an expression of the greater variation of design and artistic backgrounds, and greater freedom to practice, and perhaps pride of the individual.

   8. Do you have anything else you would like to share?

I am reminded that for the Ancient Greeks beauty in art was not to strive for strict perfection in form and composition, but the greatest beauty was acknowledge to have been a work of art or creation that was imperfect in some small way, imbuing each piece with individual character. To cause each work to take hold of the observer, as only a great artists can, and in the observer the sense of individual struggle that each artist practices to reach an ideal.

In short the work moves us because we understand the motive is to move us; and thereby communicate a vision.
For a keen and trained observer art can conveyed a life force; a becoming which is part of our shared humanity.
We recognise easily these imperfections, allowing each individual observer the opportunity to create and develop a sense of empathy for the work.
Timber construction is in a nascent stage, a period of experiment, of grand visions, of testing, of group play, and also evident failures as surely there will be the successes.
This is an exciting period of awakening to the future potential of this new material; a future in which we will all participate.


Kevin Flanagan, PLP Architecture, London

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