Gift a tree under your Xmas tree

Novinka je ze dne: 07. prosinec 2019

Help Czech forests by Donating a tree. For every 25 CZK you donate, we will plant one tree in a Czech forest. You will receive a certificate that you can keep or give it as a meaningful Christmas gift.

Are you worried about the current situation in Czech forests? Would you like to help but don't know how? You have the opportunity now.

On average the Cost of planting a seedling is 25 CZK/1 EUR. This price includes purchase, protection and planting of the seedling. 4 000 - 8 000 deciduous or conifer seedlings are usually planted per hectare of forest.

Given the current calamitous situation forest owners have to rapidly reforest large areas of trees, which is often out of their budget and manpower. Our aim is to help them. After all the forests they care for are publicly accessible to all of us, and we all benefit from them. Join us, Czech forests deserve our help.

What do I get if I contribute to the reforesting?

  • a certificate related to the reforestation of a piece of Czech landscape. The certificate will be in your name or in the name of the recipient,
  • gift confirmation (suitable for tax return),
  • information service on how your gift was used (how much was selected, photos of the reforestation, etc.).

How did you choose the forests and when will you pass on my donation?

Nadace dřevo pro život will distribute the amount collected by December 31, 2019 among forest owners and managers who are involved in the “Dřevo je cesta” community. These are the people and businesses we know who have subscribed to our values when joining the community. At the same time, they confirmed that they would like to receive help and signed an affidavit that they would use the money from this campaign only to restore damaged forests. We are also going to sign a donation agreement with them before sending money.

How do you distribute the money?
Your donation contributes to the reforestation of all five sites. You can also choose one specific forest to support.

From every 25 CZK (1 EUR) collected until December 31, 2019 we will pay:

  • 0.50 CZK for for donor campaign management
  • 5 CZK for organizing and coordinating the project (communication with foresters and donors, campaign promotion, administrative support),
  • 19.50 CZK for the afforestation.




Who are we?

Nadace dřevo pro život is a non-profit foundation that was founded 14 years ago. Its mission is to increase public interest in forests, wood and the environment. Our most important projects include programs in the forest for children, adults, a competition “Dřevěná stavba roku” (wooden construction of the year), the student competition “Stavby s vůní dřeva”, the Forestry-Wood Encyclopedia “” and the educational campaign “Dřevo je cesta”.

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